The rhinoceros iguana, logically known as the cyclura cornuta, is a huge reptile with a level vertical tail and solid legs. It is secured with pointed horned scales from its scruff until its tail. It is typically dull earthy colored, grayish earthy colored, dim dark, or dark in shading; yet it can likewise be olive-green with scarcely noticeable cross groups. It can grow up to four feet long and weigh as much as nine kilograms.

This animal has no particular examples, however it has a pseudo-horn on its nose which makes it resemble a rhinoceros. It is normally found in Hispaniola, a significant island in the Caribbean. It is found in Haiti and Dominican Republic, too. Regardless, it can likewise be found in dry timberlands, rough regions, thistle scour forests, and subtropical damp backwoods.

A male rhinoceros iguana is normally bigger than the female. It has an enormous dewlap and a fat cushion on its head. It additionally has a more conspicuous dorsal peak and bigger femoral pores on its thighs. It utilizes its horn to secure itself against sharp shakes and to escape from the grip of aggressors like other male iguanas. Such horn is likewise used to perform expound developments during the mating season in which the male attempts to intrigue the female.

Albeit for the most part modest, a rhinoceros iguana shows animosity when undermined. Beside utilizing its horn, it likewise nibbles and hits with its tail. During the day, it typically eats and lounges under the warmth of the sun; however when evening comes, it withdraws into a cavern or an empty trunk. It is additionally a herbivore, chiefly benefiting from blossoms, leaves, seeds, organic products, and berries. Nonetheless, some rhinoceros iguanas were accounted for to be seen eating little vertebrates, spineless creatures, and winged animals.

Male and female rhinoceros iguanas are explicitly dimorphic in nature. Beside their physical contrasts, they likewise arrive at sexual development at various occasions. The guys become adult following four or five years while the females become developed after only a few years. Both can satisfy thirty years, however. Male rhinoceros iguanas are additionally regional. They safeguard their regions just as their most loved sunbathing spots. They impart to each other through a head-sway.

The mating period of rhinoceros iguanas happens in the spring before the blustery season begins; and normally goes on for half a month. The females delve an opening where they lay two to 34 eggs, and afterward they brood their eggs for around 85 days. Subsequent to incubating from the eggs, the youthful iguanas become absolutely autonomous. They are generally arboreal, regardless, and they frequently follow their folks.

Tragically, rhinoceros iguanas are considered as imperiled species. In this way, it isn’t permitted to chase and sell them. Their numbers have massively diminished because of the catching and selling of individuals. The greater part of these reptiles are being pursued for food or as pets. Additionally, land clearing and deforestation have incredibly added to their risk. Today, there are just around 10,000 to 60,000 rhinoceros iguanas in nature.